December 10th, 2020 Press Release Quarterly Company Reports

Good Evening or possibly early morning dependent upon your location in the world. 

This week there a lot of exciting things happening in the markets. Door Dash came onto the scene today and increased in price by 80 percent in one day! That is definitely a bang for your buck! 

This week’s quarterly reports for the companies listed below are due out on December 10th so let’s take a look:

Costco Sales are up, but the overall feeling at the top of the food chain for this company is estimating that stocks will fall. They do not believe that they will fall by much, but a fall nonetheless. This is due to major disappointment with online sales. They had a lot of trouble getting the internet orders and the delivery options running smoothly. This is why there is some skepticism with the stock prices tomorrow upon announcement to the public;

The Broadcom session reveals a drop in sales and again believe that stock prices will go down. However, they do not anticipate losing out,  With the prediction that tomorrow’s (Thursday) markets will close up this may just salvage their prices and remain flat; and

Dave and Busters. You do not need to be psychic to know that they have had a terrible year. The RV sessions revealed that earnings are way down and also stocks will reflect that this earning quarter.

The good news is, that as stated before, Thursday markets will close higher than their benchmark prices upon opening. If you account for the fluctuations in the market, this could indicate that these stock prices will not fall as anticipated. 

Happy Viewing Everyone xx

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