November 30th, 2020 Third Quarter Financial Reporting Pre Market Predictions

Kroger will report that sales are up, but the CEO and CFO both believe that there will be a drop in their stock prices once this news is published today. The reason is that sales of non-essential items have been way down. 

DocuSign: will report that sales are up and that they expect their stock prices to rise with this news that is released today. 

Zoom: will report that sales are up and that they expect stock prices are to rise upon releasing this news today. Although their dream is for every American household to have a paid Zoom account, which is their ideal goal, they will still report good news for their company today. 

Dollar General: DG has had a stellar year and will happily report that sales have been up. They also expect to see a rise in stocks today after the news breaks. 

With all companies, even if they did not receive a productive financial quarter report overall, they will always spin the news to make the stock prices fo in their favour. It is up to the buyer to decipher what their report actually means. If a company like Best Buy only reports that its internet sales are way up, it is up to the stock buyer to realize that reading between the lines, their store sales have been way down. 

As always this is for entertainment purposes only and is not legal or financial advice. Have a great week and happy viewing. 

The Remote Viewing & Beyond Team xx

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