Our New ‘ You Have Been Viewed Series’

We are so excited to tell you about our new series of posts coming out titled ‘You Have Been Viewed’. This series is where we View influential or successful people to gain insights as to their life. The first person that we viewed for this series is Bill Gates. With so many conspiracy theories, myths, and outrageous claims being made about Mr. Gates, we knew that his name had to go in our burlap sack of targets. Luckily for you all, he was drawn. 

This series will attempt to obtain information for entertainment purposes that is not freely given to the media. In fact, most of those that we have viewed have a distrust of the media and refrain from being bombarded with information. Instead, they seem to have employees that research specific information for them and present that information in a briefing style meeting format. This keeps their minds free of the pollution and maintains their focus on their business(es) and their lives. If only we all had that benefit! What also came through in many of these sessions is how easily we are persuaded by propaganda, especially when we are in a desperate time in our lives searching for answers to explain the horrible situation that we are in. As soon as we clap our eyes on the message, whether real or intended to misinform, if it empowers us, we tend to run with it. This is what makes our series so interesting. 

If there is anyone in particular that you would like for us to view, please do send through your recommendations. The beauty of Remote Viewing is that it can be unlimited, if you allow it to be. The downside to Remote Viewing is that it can be unlimited. To use the words of Lyn Buchanan himself, ‘You can surround yourself with the ball of white light to protect yourself from entities, but you are sitting ducks for Remote Viewers!!’. 

As always, thank you and happy viewing. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding Remote Viewing. We also do not shun any new techniques or methods that you may have created yourselves. 

email: remoteviewingandbeyond@gmail.com

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